Park(ing) Day, Friday, September 17th

PARK(ing) Day: User-Generated Urbanism from Brandon Bloch on Vimeo.

Park(ing) Day is coming up in San Francisco! Since we have already continuously claimed the space in front of The Pickle Jar, why not use the parking space right in front of the bus stop? Then we will have ample, ample room.

Clearly we would have an art activity in the space, and definitely want to have knitting going on. Lily has a stupendous idea and sketch of a potential set-up and concept. Let’s do it!

2 responses to “Park(ing) Day, Friday, September 17th

  1. Wahoo! This event is soo perfect for us.. Participation, spacemaking, public art and streets … We have to do something fun 🙂 it is Friday the 17th, (next Friday) and I am off on Fridays so I’ll take point on this. Can you come to the jar for some time on Friday the 17th? When?

    I sketched my idea and posted to my blog. Essentially, yarn art- public knitting- business and the business of making things. We line the short sides of the space with boxes filled with standing flowers: fake, real cut, real potted and sticks/knitting needles with yarn balls on them. Put out two desks with official looking desk chairs, one facing sidewalk one facin street. Tent poles covered in sheer fabric in the middle for knitting space. Either a little platform or chairs under the tent, depends on time/materials. Everyone dress in business clothes and we knit! The person/people at the sidewalk facing desk canvasses passersby. Hang the vulva on the gate. And it’s a yarn tunnel, yarn on both sides everywhere you look. we get people at the bus stop to chrochet with us too. Thefinger knitting will come in handy there. We’ll produce pieces for the lilyse succulent fence project. (Ive started unobtrusively ‘harvesting’ cuttings at work. Hehee).

    I really hope you all can make it for sometime on Friday! Also, please pass on this invite to other friends and let’s get lots of hands into the succulent project and get A N C into the Parking Day mix as a group!!

  2. I love you all so much and am so excited about this event I typed that whole damn comment on my phone!!!

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