Revel Art Collective

Revel Art Collective was born of a deep desire to revel in the process of making art and forging an artistic community. In 2009, a group of artists in San Francisco joined forces to create the time and space for people to gather together and foster creative conversations and connections. Soon, “art nights” became weekly, the projects collaborative, and our haphazardly named Art Night Collective became Revel Art Collective. Each of us who make up Revel Art Collective work in a number of media, be it performance, paint, video, photography, fabric, drawing, writing, or yarn. But mostly, it’s about people. Our “pieces” don’t lie in any one end result, but in the collaborative and continuous unfolding of the work as more participants engage in the process.

We believe that the artistic process is the most powerful and potent element of art and creation. It is just as important, challenging, and instrumental as the end result; in fact, the process is the end result. We revel in the exploration, celebration, collaboration, and community of making art. We want you to join us.

If you want to play or just drop us a line, contact us at

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