Muni Media Map

When: Saturday, May 28, 2011, 5-10PM
Where: The Schoolhouse: 1592 Market Street @ Franklin, San Francisco
Who: Revel Art and 20+ participating artists

Muni.  Thousands of people.  Hundreds of buses.  Fifty lines.  One shared experience.

Muni is a communal gathering space on wheels: bringing together a diverse array of people, personalities, and ideas. Each Muni line is an opportunity for a unique artistic exploration of public transit in any media. Revel Art and participating artists in the community have each chosen a Muni line and explored it through various media. The show included guerrilla sculpture, comics, interviews, video, time lapse photography, performance art, audio recording, illustration, a dance party, and mixed media collage. We integrated all of these projects into a cohesive Muni Media Map, consuming the entire gallery (floors and all).

The map debuted on Saturday, May 28th, 2011 at The Schoolhouse during their 100 Days of Spring. This showing is only the first stop towards continued expansion into digital, print, new media forms and other venues.  As we drive slowly into the future, we are welcoming new riders.

The Muni Media Map project is brought to you by Revel Art Collective and the letters J, K, L, M, N and T.

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71 Muni Line - Rachel Cassandra

71 Muni Line – Rachel Cassandra

N Muni Line - Zoe Burton

N Muni Line – Zoe Burton

33 Muni Line - Laura Wadden

33 Muni Line – Laura Wadden

22 Muni Line - Charmagne Kringstein

22 Muni Line – Charmagne Kringstein

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