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Word Play!

  1. This is a really neato word art website-checks it out!


Hey Kele’ — This IS awesome.  I plugged the text of my grad school essay in and it gave me this:

Thanks computer,  –Lily

Hey Kele’ and Lily–You’re right, this is REALLY awesome. I followed your example of the essay and this is what I got:

Holding a mirror up to your brain…or to your words, anyway. –Ilyse

Chillout and more

Hey All,
I am reminded of this cool guy I recently came across, Ze Frank, who is playing with humanity across internet in one-on-one ways. The first link is to his TED talk, about 18 min, all interesting. Or, just skip to the project he ends the talk on, a simple song with loving intention.
His Chillout project

feelings. not mine, but lots of peoples

Hi all,

I was introduced to this website the other day, and it is amazing.  Basically, this person somehow searched for the words “i feel” all over the internet and then made all this amazing stuff out of the results.  Totally worth checking out when you have a couple minutes to spend.

Love you all