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PARK(ing) Day Street Art

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The website for PARK(ing) Day explains that the day is “an annual, worldwide event that inspires city dwellers everywhere to transform metered parking spots into temporary parks for the public good.”  The point is simply to create a “temporary public…space for people to enjoy. PARK(ing) Day is a non-commercial project, intended to promote creativity, civic engagement, critical thinking, unscripted social interactions, generosity and play.”

Let’s create a knitting circle and play with the idea of being “productive.” So we’ll wear business attire, knit and talk to strangers. Who knows what will happen? Good things!


PARK(ing) Day: User-Generated Urbanism from Brandon Bloch on Vimeo. Park(ing) Day is coming up in San Francisco! Since we have already continuously claimed the space in front of The Pickle Jar, why not use the parking space right in front … Continue reading


Stamp the Poetry on Everything

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Beautiful things happened last night.  Words spoken, dances danced, dates made, and love exchanged. 347 plus Art walk plus you all lovelies is a good night. Here is my favorite pair of images.


art walk this week

Divisadero art walk is this week on thurs night. Let’s Sit out with a table and invite people to color etc. I have mat frames we can hang empty on the gate, and fill w stuff made. Also, want to … Continue reading

Changing the Look of the Blog

Changing the blog look is super easy and I think we should experiment a bit with the style and organization we like.  Just like the blog title, the theme can change easily.  Look under the “appearance” side bar and click on “themes.”  You’ll see that its really easy to change themes, and all the posts and pages we have created so far will transform into the new theme.  Check it out.

Also I love you all, last night was a great art night. So many ideas are moving along and interrelating, connecting and growing. This process is awe-some and feels so tangible! I feel energized from this group.  This is my love letter to art night, to art night people.  Wednesday August 11th 2010.


Here are the photos we have been sent so far!