Community art in the city

I came across a blog on public art in the sketchy parts of Baltimore, which I found inspiring and really exciting. Evidently, these folks went in to alleys that were full of trash, rats, and surrounded by abandoned buildings, to “activate and revitalize the overlooked, under-attended areas of Baltimore’s back alleys.” The artist and activist in me got really excited about their project. Even though it looks like it’s ending now, and it does raise some curious questions (mostly in regards to what happened to the folks living in the alleys when the artists came in….),I thought that it was inspriring nonetheless. Would anyone among you be interested in doing public art in this form? Forget galleries! I think that creating installations or murals in public spaces (so long as we’re not caught/it’s not illegal/we’re not kicking anyone out of their home) could be really interesting.

I have little to no experience in mural painting, but am super interested in creating things at the intersection of activism and art, social change and creativity, so I would love to think about options in this area.
Anyone intersted in exploring that with me?

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